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Structured, of the shelf, high-level programs offered virtually, or in person, seasonally or year-round.

rooted programs

Fully customizable opportunities for students, faculty and staff. Versions of this can look like workshops, retreats, treks, and capstone courses.

fluid programs



rooted programs

Emzingo|U offers high-level, structured programs to students that are driven by social impact and responsible leadership. In addition to workshops and training, these programs give students the opportunity to consult for real social enterprises and NGO´s to truly connect and learn from the bottom line: people, planet and profit. 


We have designed programs with different formats and durations to suit the various needs of students, from the undergraduate or graduate level, with remote or in-person options. Here are the 4 programs we currently offer: 

Despite having key differences, all our programs share one common structure, based on three core principles: learn, live, lead. This means that during any of the abovementioned programs you will: 

  • Learn not only about the country you work with and the social impact world, but about yourself and your interests too, through various workshops, seminars, coaching sessions and reflections. This is the central part of the program as the main focus is to inspire responsible leadership.  

  • Live the experience of a new country. Regardless of whether the program is remote or in-person, it will invite the students to immerse themselves into a new country and culture, with sessions on its social, historical and economic context and a real-world experience working alongside an under-resourced organization from that country. 

  • Lead a social impact project with a social enterprise or an NGO from one of the aforementioned companies. Our project-based learning approach involves working in teams with other students to help the chosen field partner find the most relevant and immediately applicable solutions.

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Virtual Impact lab (VIl)
AVAILABLE VirtualLY only

Applications Closed for Summer 2022
Undergraduate Students 

6 Weeks (June 13th - July 22nd 2022)
Peru, South Africa

An Intensive 6-week-program that challenges students to become the next generation of responsible leaders. Through hands-on experience working with an international NGO or social enterprise, strategic projects and cultural immersion activities students will connect business performance to social and environmental impact.

AVAILABLE in person OR Virtually

Applications Closed for Summer 2022
Graduate Students 
5 Weeks (June 20th to July 22nd)
In person: Spain and South Africa
Virtual: Peru

Our award winning NexGen Leadership Program is one that strengthens graduate students' capacity to look within — installing a growth mindset through promoting a greater sense of self-awareness among students about their values, strengths, areas for growth, and impact on others.


Global Innovation 
Internship (GII)

virtual during the semester + 1-week Immersion experience

Undergraduate Students
8 Weeks

South Africa or Spain
Fall dates TBC (Sep-Nov 2022)

An 8-week program designed to develop students at the professional and leadership level to support them in becoming the next generation of responsible leaders. During the semester, students consult virtually for an international social enterprise or NGO. Students will have the opportunity to complement this unique learning experience with their regular courses. Through this intentional design of the program, students will then be able to travel to their host country for a 1-week immersion experience with their cohort where they will also get to visit and meet their peers and clients In person.



FLUID programs

Emzingo|U's Fluid Programs are fully customizable opportunities for students and faculty and staff alike. Emzingo|U recognizes the changing global conversations and we want to provide relevant discussion and experiences to go along with them. Versions of this can look like workshops, retreats, treks, and capstone courses. Each of these options provide opportunity for students and leaders to engage in Human Centered Design and international consulting experience, all the while building professional and leadership development.

Workshop series

The Emzingo|U workshops are fully customizable workshops for you. We can offer a single or series of workshops that are hosted weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on your needs. With these workshops, your Emzingo|U facilitator will work with you on a topic of your choice, how large your cohort will be and more. Likewise, we offer a series of established workshops that are available to choose from.

Faculty-Led Treks

Emzingo|U Treks are designed to enhance and build upon your current course offerings and conversations. Through our unparalleled design team and collaboration with you, these treks create meaningful dialogue and one of a kind experiences for students in their coursework.

Local Retreats

Emzingo|U retreats are unique, one of a kind experiences built for YOUR cohort. We design the activities, workshops, location, and time of year fully around your cohorts needs and interests so we can ensure a fully supportive experience, while exploring the U.S.

Global Capstones

Emzingo|U Capstones are distinguished courses offered by the Emzingo|U team. It is intended to act as a supplemental and unique addition to the challenging concepts and issues students are addressing in their current capstone projects. Being as customizable as they come, these capstones are intended to meet your criteria, as a professor to push and prepare your students for their next step in their career.


of students would recommend our virtual impact lab


of students say that their experience improved positively their ability to work across cultures


of students say that their general Emzingo|U experience 

considerably improved their ability to create innovative and unique solutions

*A total of 82 participants, of which 58 students completed the survey.



Koiki is a social enterprise that hires people suffering from social exclusion (mainly people with disabilities, young and long term unemployed) to work as postmen/postwomen, called KOIKIs, who provide a green ‘last mile’ delivery service within their neighborhoods by biking, walking or using green vehicles.

Read more about the project here:

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