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Academic breaks

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Virtual Impact Program

(AVAILABLE Virtually)

Undergraduate Students 

5 Weeks

Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Spain

An intensive 5-week program offered over the summer that helps to develop the next generation of responsible and inclusive leaders. Students complete a social impact consulting project with a nonprofit or social enterprise and are challenged to grow on both a personal and professional level. Students learn to work across time zones In small teams to effectively support an international organization with a final devlierable.


Social Impact Lab

(AVAILABLE Virtually or in person)

Graduate Students 

5 to 6 Weeks

Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Spain

Our award-winning NexGen Social Impact Lab prepares students to tackle global challenges, and connects them to local nonprofits and social enterprises in countries throughout the world. Students will learn about the local socioeconomic challenges and gain knowledge in topics such as human centered design, emotional intelligence and more. In teams, they will develop and practice skills related to managing virtual work – a critical learning experience given the central role of technology and its growing presence in the workplace.

Impact Learning Trek

(AVAILABLE Virtually or in person)

Undergraduate & Graduate Students 

1 to 2 Weeks

Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Spain, USA

Students will explore our core leadership development curriculum that highlights the business for good movement, celebrates the social entrepreneurship ecosystem, and provides cultural insight into various countries. Students also complete a social impact consulting project or innovation workshop with one of our local field partners either virtually or in person. This program can be built around specific themes including: Financial Inclusion, Renewable Energy, Women's Leadership, Sustainability, Poverty and Inequality, Emerging from COVID, and more.



Social Impact


(AVAILABLE Virtually or in person)

Undergraduate & Graduate Students
Semester + 1 week travel

Brazil, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Spain or US

Fully customizable, these courses are typically delivered alongside a Professor or department and can include broader topics such as sustainability or innovation, and specific topics such as renewable energy or financial inclusion. Immersion sessions include visits and conversations with social organizations, experts, and responsible business leaders. At the program’s core is a project-based innovation consulting project or challenge to assist a local social impact organization overcome a key challenge.


Global Impact Internship (GII)

(AVAILABLE Virtually)

Undergraduate Students
6 Weeks

Brazil, Peru, South Africa or Spain

Students consult directly for a social enterprise or NGO, immerse themselves virtually in a new country and culture, and receive valuable leadership training. Students from universities all around the globe work together in teams while developing important soft and hard skills. Supported by group coaching, project mentoring, and deep reflection, students will learn by doing, learn by thinking, and learn by reflecting on both a personal and a professional level. Students complete this program alongside the academic commitments of the term. 




Leadership and Innovation Sprints

(AVAILABLE Virtually or in person)

Undergraduate & Graduate Students
2-5 days 

Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Spain or USA

Our Leadership & Innovation Sprints consolidate our core modules of social impact, responsible leadership, cultural immersion and respectful engagement, into a shorter format version of 2-5 days. Offered over Fall, Winter, Summer, or Spring Breaks, the structure, duration, and pricing of these programs provide flexibility to fit your interests, timeline, and budget.

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Social Impact and Innovation Workshops

(AVAILABLE Virtually or in person)

Undergraduate & Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff
2hrs up to 3-5 days

Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Spain or USA

Core to all of our programs, our Emzingo|U Social Impact and Innovation Workshops expose students, faculty, and staff to global social innovation, responsible leadership development, and cultural awareness. Customized tailored to each audience, our workshops are offered range from 2 hours to 2 weeks and are designed to be interactive, experiential, reflective, and directly applicable to your life and work. Leveraging over 10+ years of experience working with universities, companies, nonprofits, social enterprise, and students across the world, we have curated powerful content that is critical to 21st Century learning in the post-COVID world.



Koiki is a social enterprise that hires people suffering from social exclusion (mainly people with disabilities, young and long term unemployed) to work as postmen/postwomen, called KOIKIs, who provide a green ‘last mile’ delivery service within their neighborhoods by biking, walking or using green vehicles.

Read more about the project here:

Emzingo is a Certified B-Corporation working with purpose-driven leaders, teams, and organizations in the business and academic sectors, to drive innovation, inspire responsible leadership, and connect business performance to social and environmental impact.

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