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We believe that truly transformational learning is interactive, practical and experiential.

our mission

Our mission is to inspire responsible leadership, prepare individuals to tackle global challenges and connect business to society.


We envision a world where business leaders and organizations are committed to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and financial success.

OUR Values

At Emzingo|U we work at our sweet spot: we do what we love doing and what we are good at. Wanting to do it the best possible way, and giving our best.

We do so by being aware and intentional about what we do. Making our actions, intentions, and impacts aligned.

Love what you do, do it mindfully.

We understand Emzingo|U as a group of diverse people tied together by purpose. In our team we motivate everyone to be at their best and do their
best. We mutually support each other without expecting anything in return. Because, we believe you are together that you can really advance.” As the
saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Encourage collaboration and mutual success.

At Emzingo|U, professional achievement happens through personal growth. We maximize what we can reach by consciously learning who we really
are and becoming aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Our belief is that continuous personal development and growth will drive organizational
success and increase positive impact on the world.

Commit to personal growth, strive to achieve.

At Emzingo|U we live and lead from our values. We lead by example without enforcing a master plan. We want to spark inspiration, innovation, and
responsible leadership in others to create a ripple effect. We help to promote and enable change to happen in our participants and field partners.

Be an agent for change.

Integrity: We choose, without hesitation and despite ambiguity, to do what’s right for the customer, the community, environment, team members, and the company in the long-term.
Authenticity: We take pride in sharing our beliefs, failures, strengths and decisions. We believe that openness and honesty make for the best
relationships because that leads to trust and credibility.

Purpose: We are motivated by the knowledge that our work is part of a movement of purpose-driven, values-based work and that what we do matters.”

Act with integrity, authenticity, and purpose.

We interpret Empower as our ability to help others become stronger, more confident, and feel equipped to advocate for what they believe in. We don’t claim to have the power or give permission, but rather create an environment where team members are supported and encouraged. We do the same for our fellows, and in turn they do it with our field partners,  through action. We demonstrate strong performance – consistently – so everyone can rely on each other and trust those decisions and judgement calls. We forgive honest mistakes, share them, and learn from them.

Empower people through action.

Diversity leads to better decisions and outcomes. Our team should be diverse. We integrate respect for differences, varying perspectives and others’
feelings and thoughts into our thinking and actions. We must have empathy as well to understand the different perspectives of a diverse team.

Embody diversity and foster empathy.

When you enjoy what you do, and you are loving what you are doing, you bring your “full-self” to work. At Emzingo|U we take pride in knowing  that people can be themselves while working – and we don’t take ourselves too seriously either! We are able to laugh at ourselves – always respectfully.
Having fun, is adding play to the workplace and the performance; because of this, we are able to accomplish amazing amounts of important work. And we celebrate the wins, no matter their size.

Have fun, be awesome.

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