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*Winner of the Ashoka U Innovation Award*

what is it

The NexGen Leadership Program is an award-winning 8 week intensive program offering international social impact consulting experience and strengths-based leadership training for graduate students from top universities. The program, which runs through the months of July and August,  aims to develop the next generation of responsible and inclusive leaders by challenging students to complete a social impact consulting project with a nonprofit or social enterprise in Peru, Brazil, South Africa, or Spain.


Immersing themselves deeply in the country of their choice through our full-time program (40h/week), students learn to work across different teams and cultures in order to effectively complete support an incredible organization while  receiving group coaching sessions, project mentoring, and attending key social impact and responsible leadership workshops facilitated by Emzingo|U and local experts — creating a strong community that will allow them to grow both personally and professionally.

Level: Graduate Students 
Duration: 8 Weeks (June 27th - August 19th 2022)

Locations available: Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Spain


Social Impact Project

Group social impact project work with international NGO or social enterprise

 Leadership Development 

Develop students’ responsible leadership skills and knowledge

Cultural Immersion

Exposes students to cross-cultural awareness and Intelligence


Emzingo|U is proud to announce a new partnership with the United Nations mandated University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education, based in Costa Rica. In this global partnership, students who complete the NexGen Leadership Program are now eligible for a further Diploma in Social Innovation from the Centre for Executive Education (CEE), with the successful completion of two online courses offered as part of CEE’s Diploma in Social Innovation.



Students travel to host city and collaborate with their assigned teams and mentors on a social impact project with our local field partners.​



Once the program begins, successive learning modules such as Human Centered Design, Cultural Awareness and Artificial Intelligence allow students to develop desirable, feasible, and viable solutions and recommendations to the project.



During the program students visit local sites which allow them to understand the local, economic & historical context and immerse deeply in the culture of the host country.



The teams present their final recommendations to the social organization. Students also reflect on their experience and how to apply their newly developed skills and knowledge in their academic and professional lives.


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