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Working and living with purpose. In every industry.
All over the world. 

WHO they ARE

Our alumni are all over the globe, living, working, doing good, and being awesome.
And no matter where they are, they're part of the Emzingo|U family.


David Chee

"The Emzingo experience was a defining moment in my journey - one of those times in a my life when there was who I was before and then there was who I was after - forever changed in life aspiration, scope, and focus to serve others and recognizing my strengths of empathy and creativity affecting positive transformation in others and communities."

- MBA Student, Fordam, NexGen, Brazil 

Their universities


We think globally, act locally. 

Check out the map below to find out where our alumni are now!

Where they work

Our intention is not to motivate all of our students to become executive directors of nonprofits, but rather we hope that, wherever our alumni go, they take the spirit of Emzingo|U with them.

They are heading large divisions at Fortune 500 companies, consulting for startups and established organizations, leading their governments, working at incredible nonprofits, and changing traditional companies from within. Some are even using their acquired entrepreneurial skills to launch their own endeavors.


Emzingo is a Certified B-Corporation working with purpose-driven leaders, teams, and organizations in the business and academic sectors, to drive innovation, inspire responsible leadership, and connect business performance to social and environmental impact.

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Amsterdam. Boston. Johannesburg. Lima. Madrid. Melbourne. Montreal. New York. Rio de Janeiro. Warsaw.


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