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what is it

The Virtual Impact Lab is a 6-week intensive program offered for undergraduate students through the months of June and July. It aims to develop the next generation of responsible and inclusive leaders by challenging students to complete a social impact consulting project with a nonprofit or social enterprise in Peru, South Africa, or Spain. 

Through this full-time program (40h/week), students are challenged to grow on both a personal and professional level through group coaching and mentoring, while while working on high-level, strategic projects that are facilitated by Emzingo|U and local experts.

Immersing themselves deeply in the country of their choice, students learn to work across different cultures and teams in order to effectively support an incredible organization while creating a strong community that will allow them to grow both personally and professionally.

Applications Closed for Summer 2022

Level: Undergraduate Students 
Duration: 6 Weeks (June 13th - July 22nd 2022)

Locations available: Peru, South Africa


Social Impact Project

Group social impact project work with international NGO or social enterprise

 Leadership Development 

Develop students’ responsible leadership skills and knowledge

Cultural Immersion

Exposes students to cross-cultural awareness and Intelligence




hours of project work in teams of 4-5 students

hours of curriculum on leadership development

hours of virtual activities and cultural immersion


hours of group mentorship and reflection

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