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the program

Emzingo|U’s Global Impact Fellowship (GIF) is an 6-8 week leadership program; designed to offer purpose-driven undergraduate students an impact consulting internship with an NGO or Social Enterprise in an international destination. It prepares students for careers in development consulting, impact investing, international business, and international development. This is an in-person program offered in Spain, South Africa and Peru.

This 6-week program, offered during Summer, combines a team-led social impact consulting project, to which students dedicate 5 days per week full-time, applying their skills to the challenge the organisation is facing, with leadership training, coaching, project mentoring and cultural immersion.

Applications OPEN for Summer 2024


Level: Undergraduate Students 
Weeks:  27 May to 12 July 2024 (approximate dates) 
Madrid, or Lima

Full time (~40 hours per week)

Price: USD $4500 Including accommodation & transport in-country

what it looks like

GIF summer 2018

GIF summer 2019

GIF summer 2022!

program components



The program includes leadership training to develop students'

responsible leadership skills and knowledge. You can expect sessions like: 

  • Emotional and cultural intelligence 

  • Strength-based teams 

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Adaptive Leadership

  • Intrapreneurship and Change agency

  • Impact Investing

  • Responsible Leadership

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Fundraising


Leadership development


We believe cross-cultural awareness and intelligence are an important part of the equation and thus dedicate a part of the program for students to immerse themselves deeply in the country of their choice and learn about its social and economic history. It is also a great time for networking and aids in team building. For this purpose, we offer activities like: 


  • Peru Context, Peruvian Affairs

  • Embodying diversity: Peruvian Dances

  • Food and Peruvian Society

South Africa

  • SA historical context: Apartheid 

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Zulu class


  • Spanish Context: Spain and the EU

  • Flamenco class

  • Spanish Lesson



Cultural Immersion


The more experiential, practical side of the program involves challenging the students to apply what they learned in the leadership and professional development Emzingo|U workshops, by supporting a real client: a local NGO or social enterprise. In teams, they will undertake a social impact consulting project that directly makes an impact in their client´s community. This includes:

  • Human centered consulting 

  • Coaching Sessions & Project Mentoring

  • Tools and Teamwork

  • Project Time 


We believe in the human centered approach for tackling said project and thus we also provide sessions like: 

  • Insights for Innovation

  • Human Centered Design

  • Social Business Model Canvas



Social Impact Project


sample projects

Emzingo|U has worked with over 50+ organisations globally over the last several years. We try to source projects with a large variety of organisations that are working to solve many of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Field Partners vary every year, but here are some of the ones we have worked with to serve as a reference.

Our team works closely with all of our field partners to determine exactly what they need and where our Emzingo|U Fellows can truly add the most value. Over the years our fellows have leveraged their education and work experience to help organizations with the following themes and challenges:​​




Operations Management






New product or service


*At the beginning of the program we present to students the field partners we will work with. Students are able to rank their top 3 . We do the best we can to allocate students to the field partner of their choice.


dragones de lavapies


Organisation's Description: Dragones are a community-based nonprofit located in the neighbourhood of Lavapies in Madrid. They are a sports club that seeks social change and they are a nonprofit that uses football for social change. This duality allows them to connect with the community.

The Project: Design a communication strategy and create an action plan to identify corporate sponsors and partners, connect with professional soccer clubs, and bring awareness to their mission.



proyecto alto perU


Organization's description: Kantaya is a non-profit organisation that provides quality education to 300 children between 5-15yo through its after-school centers called “Casita Feliz” (Happy Little House). Working in Ventanilla, where 60% of households live in extreme poverty, they have had outstanding results: 67% of Kantaya alumni are attending university or college, compared to the national average for vulnerable communities of 5%.


The Project: Three Global Impact Fellowship students from IE Business School, Princeton, and Indiana created an online donor database for Kantaya with suggested individual, corporate, foundation, and academic donors as well as an individual and corporate donor toolkits and journeys, and marketing improvements.

Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 13_edited.jpg



Organisation's Description: Koiki is a social enterprise that hires people suffering from social exclusion (mainly people with disabilities, young and long term unemployed) to work as postmen/postwomen, called KOIKIs, who provide a green ‘last mile’ delivery service within their neighbourhoods by biking, walking or using green vehicles.

The Project: Define the services that KOIKI offers differentiating clients, operatives, pricing, etc. Marketing strategy for each service offering, clients, channel, etc. Sales strategy for each channel.

other details

what we expect from students

We want students to learn all they need to become a responsible and inclusive leader, to further enrich their graduate experience with real clients and projects, to inspire their career in social impact and, ultimately, to have fun and make friends for life. For this, we need students to: - Show up on time and attend all Emzingo|U sessions - Engage in all group learning experiences and reflection - Participate in all cultural immersion and social impact sessions - Complete the team consulting project with a social enterprise or NGO and give your 110% to it. The client is counting on the allocated team to help them build and grow! - Be open-minded: seize new opportunities for growth and reflect on the overall experience or any discomfort you may feel along the way.  Be courteous and kind: respect and engage with peers, field partners and speakers. This is a chance to grow personally and professionally! Have fun and be awesome!!! In order to complete the program and receive the certificate students must attend at least 80% of the sessions.


Tuition and financing: We partner with an extensive list of universities that cover the program tuitions. If a university doesn't cover students' tuition and the student in question still wants to be a part of the program, please email us at: The tuition includes:  - Housing: For this program, lodging is typically provided in either apartment rentals, university dorms, or longer stay lodges in safe and secure areas in cities where the program takes place. To add to the immersive group leadership development experience, students live together in groups, either divided among multiple apartments, lodges, or dorm rooms. ​​- Airport Pick up and drop-off: All transport in-country, including to-from the airport is included in the program fee. Either Emzingo|U team will pick you up from the airport or we will arrange a van to pick up and drop off everyone traveling.  - Entry to any tourist activities that is part of the program  - All sessions, workshops, mentors, coaches and activities *flights, visas and personal expenses are not included in the tuition fee.  COACHING Fellows attend group coaching workshops with locally sourced professional executive-level coaches and/or Emzingo|U staff. These coaching sessions help the fellows develop an action plan to determine their post-graduation career goals and aspirations. MENTORING Project teams are partnered with a mentor from a leading for-profit enterprise or management consulting firm. The mentors help guide the design and development of key deliverables and provide fellows with an introduction to consulting frameworks and access to local knowledge and experience. REFLECTION Students engage in multiple reflection sessions to deepen their experiences and key lessons learned during the fellowship. ACADEMIC SESSIONS Starting with an orientation week, designed by Emzingo|U to provide them with new tools and frameworks and a better knowledge of their environment, fellows will also attend workshops and seminars during the duration of the program. Some examples of these sessions include design thinking and social innovation workshops, responsible leadership, impact investing, or cultural intelligence. They will also engage in country-specific sessions to help them understand the social, cultural, historical and economic realities of their host countries. SOCIAL IMPACT PROJECTS Students are placed in teams of 2-3 to assist an NGO or social enterprise in a strategic challenge for 6 weeks. The internships consist of completing high-level strategy, research, or implementation projects to help the organizations achieve their objectives.

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