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We are a social enterprise and certified
B-Corp that aims to create the next generation of responsible leaders. We design  international experiences that inspire responsible leadership, prepares you to tackle global challenges, and connects business with social and environmental impact.



We design social impact programs and workshops that combine leadership development, social impact, and cultural immersion. We use human centered design to assist nonprofits and social entrepreneurs across the world to tackle key challenges.


We believe that transformational learning is interactive, practical and experiential. We challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and LIVE, LEARN, and LEAD in a new community or culture. Through our project-based learning model, we source and manage impact consulting projects with nonprofits and social enterprises from around the globe and lead thought provoking workshops around key social innovation and leadership topics for students and staff.


Cultural Immersion


Social Impact and Project Work


Leadership Development

Hear it from them

Mariam Abdou

"It simply has the best of both worlds, the learning educational experience and it's implementation, and on top of that it allows you to provide a positive impact on the world."

— MBA Student at IE, Social Impact Lab, Spain


Our programs

Structured, of the shelf, high-level programs offered virtually, or in person, seasonally or year-round.

rooted programs

Fully customizable opportunities for students, faculty and staff. Versions of this can look like workshops, retreats, treks, and capstone courses.

fluid programs


Emzingo|U is proud to announce a new partnership with the United Nations mandated University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education, based in Costa Rica. In this global partnership, students who complete the any of our Rooted Programs are now eligible for a further Diploma in Social Innovation from the Centre for Executive Education (CEE), with the successful completion of two online courses offered as part of CEE’s Diploma in Social Innovation.




Koiki is a social enterprise that hires people suffering from social exclusion (mainly people with disabilities, young and long term unemployed) to work as postmen/postwomen, called KOIKIs. They provide a green ‘last mile’ delivery service within their neighborhoods by biking, walking or using green vehicles.

Read more about the project here:

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