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Patience is a virtue.

During their first week of in-country work, the Emzingo fellows have discovered that the old saying is true; patience is a virtue. Part of the experience of being submerged in a new culture includes accepting and working with situations out their control, in this case: heavy traffic. Recently, Emzingo Fellows Skye and Andrea discovered in their commute to African Parks office that Johannesburg’s traffic is nothing like they’ve ever experienced. With drivers jumping lanes, broken down cars and trucks, and minor accidents, getting from point A to B can be quite an adventure.

            “On our 26 km commute home this evening, we encountered not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE broken down vehicles in our lane at various places along the way.  So thankful for my italian driver/partner, the radio stations actually playing music, and having air conditioning on the 1.5 hr+ journey home.”  – a rather baffled Emzingo Fellow

Number One


Number Two


And here’s number Three…


…. and Four,


Ok, the last one. 

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