A young nation faces a new era.

by Annie Chor. Emzingo Fellow Jan.2014

A young nation historically driven by racial segregation and injustice now faces a new era where it tries to find its feet both politically and economically. With the decade of the beloved Madiba over, the country faces the question of who will lead and shape the future of this budding nation. Youth unemployment is the third highest in the world and income disparity has some ways to go.

However, with the numerous NGOs and social enterprises on the rise, key issues are being raised and transformation slowly taking place.

For the 11 Emzingo fellows from 10 countries across the world, we have been fortunate to see the different faces of Johannesburg. Not only are we placed in quite varying organizations with different deliverables, but sessions on the Reconciliation, HIV/AIDs, and the controversial BBBEE business scorecard appreciate our understanding of the environment.

Meet the amazing January 2014 group of fellows!

Highlights so far:

Neighborgoods Market on Sundays around the corner from us in Braamfontein where you’ll find an eclectic mix of international food stalls ranging from delicious Nutella crepes to fresh seafood paella or oysters and champagne.

For the adventurous ones like our dear Emzingian, John Mady, you can throw yourself off the iconic cooling towers at Chaf Pozi

Some of us also went to Ukutula, a lion reserve to play with lion cubs. Some lion reserves in the country are used as research and breeding centers to counteract the spread of the rising Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, similar to HIV for humans, that threatens to kill off the lion population in the coming years.

Emzingo paid a visit to SOWETO and spent the afternoon interacting with the community.

The Apartheid Museum is a must visit to understand the history that leads South Africa to where it is today.

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