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Social Impact and Innovation Workshops

We adapt each of the following workshops and training to difference audiences. Emzingo|U tailors these to the needs of higher education professionals (Faculty & Staff) and students.

what is it

Core to all of our programs, our Emzingo|U Social Impact and Innovation Workshops expose students, faculty, and staff to global social innovation, responsible leadership development, and cultural awareness. Customized tailored to each audience, our workshops are offered range from 2 hours to 3-5 days and are designed to be interactive, experiential, reflective, and directly applicable to your life and work. Leveraging over 10+ years of experience working with universities, companies, nonprofits, social enterprise, and students across the world, we have curated powerful content that is critical to 21st Century learning in the post-COVID world. Delivered both in person or virtually, these workshops dive deep into personal reflection and growth. The cost of these workshops is based on duration and content which can vary.

To whom: Undergraduate & Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff 
Duration: 2hrs up to 3-5 days
Locations available: 
Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Spain or USA

Workshops available


Work with Purpose

Leveraging Emzingo|U's 10+ years working with purpose-driven students, professionals, non-profits, and social enterprises, this workshop challenges participants to examine the drivers of your professional decisions and explore principles of purposeful work that can guide your career path.


Women's leadership

This workshop seeks to open the door to an open, deep, and truthful conversation about self doubt and confidence that often impact how women see themselves as individuals and as leaders. The workshop creates a brave space where we can all share how and when our own self doubts and insecurities have prevented us from truly becoming the leaders we hope to be. Together, we explore the impact of internalized oppression and how societal messages can enter our deeply held subconscious thoughts and alter the way we see both ourselves and how we see and act towards others.  Designed for those who identify as women of all ages and those who love, manage, and/or support them, this workshop hopes to open the pathway to believing more in ourselves and our ability to truly make the changes we hope to see in our world.


Active Listening

Participants will explore different levels listening and understand how the way you listen impacts the way you see the world. We'll demonstrate how the power of Active Listening can propel your person and professional lives forward. Emzingo|U believes listening can be one of the biggest of levers of change an individual can use. 


Responsible Leadership & Business with Impact

This workshop is for all participants who  seek personal growth, care about professional development,  and want to challenge or expand their notion of leadership. It includes a brief history of the evolution of business mindset when it comes to impact and highlights key characteristics of what we believe defines a Responsible Leader. Together, we will explore the evolution from shareholder capitalism to a new inclusive, regenerative version of capitalism. We believe that this new model not only does more for the world and each other, but also provides more purpose for ourselves.


Emerging from COVID

 This series of facilitated sessions and exercises is focused on helping small and medium sized teams or organizations navigate the challenges they confronting due to the pandemic. Using an assets-based approach (Appreciative Inquiry) combined with the Design Thinking toolkit, we help you find your sweet spot in a changed world. 


Respectful Community Engagement

 This workshop is intended for faculty, staff, and students working in project-based learning, service-learning, volunteering, and consulting projects. It is focused on creating the mindset, skills, and knowledge that create a mutually beneficial partnership and thoughtful, meaningful, inclusive collaboration between universities and their stakeholders in the previously mentioned courses and programs.


Cultural Flexibility and Intelligence

CultureFlex improves participants’ understanding and ability to work across cultural, geographic, functional, and age differences by recognizing and challenging existing paradigms. We explore different cultural norms to better understand how to act and interact with others of different countries and cultures.


Design and teach


experiential courses

Under construction


Learning to Unlearn: integrating Theory U into course design

Under construction

The participants will learn the fundamentals of Theory U Methodology. A methodology to drive innovation processes, learning and development programs, and leadership development.

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