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I think it is safe to say that I had one of the most complete days of my life last Saturday. It started by visiting a youth shelter/afterscool program in the biggest “informal settlement” or ”slum” of the city. I have never in my life seen the poverty and conditions that I saw today that stretched for literally kilometers. It was both incredibly moving and shockingat the same time. God bless the community.

We then went to Nelson Mandela’s house for a quick tour where I read one of the most inspirational and remarkable quotes. (See picture above)

It was then off to lunch at the house of one of the director’s friends, Jackie, where she grew up. Her aunt and mother cooked for 12 of us and it was simply such amazing cuisine and such a lovely way to share over a meal. We then went to an informal bar, called a shebeen (think garage style picnic tables and beers), to watch Germany crush Argentina. I left there and went directly to Ellis Park (traditional home to SA rugby, the Springbocs, to watch Spain vs Paraguay LIVE). One friend here, Guillermo, had an “in” with Roque Santa Cruz of Paraguay and we managed to get 6 tix for free! It was so much fun, but yes we needed to be careful beacause we were in the Paraguay section. I seriously think there were around 80% Spanish fans there, so many flags and hats and banners….

And they won, scoring in the 83rd minute! So yeah, it was amazing, truly it was.

Wish everyone could share in this experience with me and the rest of the group. One week has passed and we have experienced and shared so much! Looking forward to the week ahead…

Daniel Pulaski

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