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What is the reality of working in an organisation helping those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS?

Well, this week, the reality has been; a game with the 4 year olds stealing each others hats and chasing which lasted for ever, afternoons sitting typing my 5 year Strategic Plan listening to the sounds of the children’s choir singing Soweto style gospel music, (now there is a girl soloing over some deep boys singing eoooh eoooh), almost hourly infusions of tea/coffee and snacks and most exciting a fantastic home cooked lunch of some South African delicacy! (except when tripe arrived yesterday which was more than I could stomach even being in the same room with it; it looked like chopped up washing-up sponge with chopped hose pipe, in a green gunk with a particularly funky smell). Overall, not a bad existence.

By Colin Glenny

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