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From one of the most amazing people in the world, my friend and Emzingo fellow Virginia Hughes:

“Memorable moments in South Africa I have millions…and this is one of them. Holding this baby, after watching 400 kids waiting to be served the only meal they have in the day, I ask myself: why is it that some people like me are so lucky and these kids since they are born have a future that is so hard to face? Thinking of all the things I have, a house, an actual home, a loving family that encourages and support me in every moment of my life, a school to where I will always belong, decisions to make because I actually have alternatives…and having so many more things that I am not even conscious I have…this makes me realize that the day I was born, I had a gift. I see every day 400 kids, who are hungry and dirty, who don’t have a mom who takes care of them, feeds them and wraps them when they are cold, or a father who gives them advice and makes them feel safe….and I think, what can I do for them, how can I share my gift with them? I feel frustrated, they are too many, and poverty has gone too far… But then, after 5 weeks in KYP I think that every minute you give to them, even if it is just a smile, it is worth for them just because it is happy moment for their lives. This is one of those moments. The baby sleeps in my arms instead of on the floor where he was, I sing to him and make him feel special at least for some minutes….and once again I think it is worth.”

Vicky at KYP
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