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South Africa moves up in Global Competitiveness

Well, the good news is that SA moved up 4 spots on the global competitiveness ranking. Better than moving down the list of course. 

SA improved in 7 categories and remained unchanged in 3, leaving just two red colored categories. It’s very exciting to see the country move forward on several fronts and we hope that the country continues to improve in all categories. There is more to this story though and we encourage you to take a look at the breakdown here:

As the article mentions, there are still many challenges to overcome. Emzingo has seen several of these first hand – most obvious to us is the quality of education and health standards in some of the townships we work in. 

We’re optimistic about the future of South Africa, but hope that the citizens, government, and business leaders think about the bottom 4 issues that we consider critical:

  1. Government inefficiency

  2. Education quality

  3. Health standards

  4. Labour relations inflexibility

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