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“South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white”

Ghana and Uruguay are playing. Ghana could become the first African team who reaches the World Cup semifinals. It is Friday. We are in a Mexican bar, plenty of South Africans, black and whites are mixed, all of them very excited. Two days ago I visited the Apartheid Museum, it was shocking reviving 350 years of racial polarization including half century of Apartheid (since 1948). It’s unbelievable what my eyes see! Black and whites supporting together Ghana, in harmony, as if nothing occurred in the past!

In fact, since I’m here, I haven’t observed any racial tension. I know that it exists and just before the World Cup there was some violence due to the murder of Mr Terre’Blanche who was an Afrikaner leader. However, these days are amazing! The World Cup has made a change. The South African flag is everywhere, all the cars have the flags in the side wings, national colors covered all the streets and there is a sense of united population! Afrikaaners for the first time are stepping black townships as Soweto and everybody seems proud of being South African. I don’t know if this situation is going to last for a long time but it seems that Football has played a major role in unifying all South Africans, bringing back the illusion of being a Rainbow nation, and look to the future with hope and faith. It’s incredible how powerful universal sport is!

By Elisabet Viñes

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