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Rio in South Africa

We have been to Cape Town the last weekend and I was deeply surprised and impressed by one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been. After 2 hours of flight I felt I had jumped a chasm separating the cold, busy, gray, road-strapped Johannesburg to a green, warm, stunning and clean city surrounded by huge and rocky mountains. Not only the city but the whole region around was impressing and highly diverse. In one single day we experienced the heights of the Table Mountain, literally above the clouds and with a jaw-dropping scenario, the Cape of Good Hope, with its lighthouses, baboons and ostriches (just chilling, freely) and the seaport where we found a whale, just swimming around. After enjoying a little bit of the great night life, wine-tasting rides and seeing cheetah (among other rides), we ended up in a nice restaurant with great food, as always, live jazz music and in front of the sea. A unforgettable bon-vivant brunch and for only 79 Rands (or around 9 Euros)! After 4 amazing days, some of us were really considering living and working around here. Who knows…


By Rafael Martinho

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