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It all started…

It all started on a Monday afternoon when I was introduced to the names of the 9 participants for this program.

Taking the decision to go to South Africa and join the fellowship program was certainly not an easy task for me leaving my N5 behind, calle Miguel Angel, the Lebanese circle of friends, Madrid, Spain and Europe to go on my first trip to the African continent, where the World Cup is taking place! On one hand I had to look for what the future outcome of this experience would be  and on the other hand I had to cope with millions of questions I had about S.A and the perception people have of a country that was torn by the apartheid system for many decades with all its accompanying challenges.   But soon enough my worries were relieved. Every step I made with my team made me realize that we all share the same concerns, but also that we are united around the same expectations, “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.

Mazen Labban

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