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Inkosana Encane (means The Little Prince in zulu)

After several weeks crossing the inhospitable Kalahari desert, Inkosana Encane arrived at the city of Gold, Johannesburg. He was semi-naked and starving. He crossed a very poor township called Soweto where a kind woman offered him a t-shirt with the name of PUSH. “My name is Lorna and you have a home here”, she said.

He continued walking when another young woman approached him. “Come little boy, you must be starving”. After eating for the first time delicious spicy South African food, Inkosana Encane asked:- “What’s your name, generous woman?” “My name is Jackie”, she answered.

When he left, he realized that he needed some water, his mouth was burning. Suddenly, he met another woman that introduced herself: – “I’m recruiting boys for scholarships, my name is Kim”. “Thanks, I just need some water”, said Inkosana Encane. Kim gave him some water and he continued walking along the streets.

Soon, he got lost in the business center. He was staring at a billboard with a message on it saying “I’m not afraid to test for HIV” when a car stopped next to him. A woman with a beautiful smile offered him a lift. “Hi, my name is Caroline, you look lost. Where can I drop you?” – “I don’t have accommodation” – replied Inkosana Encane. – “Oh no!, my friend Leslie will give you a place to sleep”, answered Caroline. She took him to Lesley and Lesley drove him to Andrew and Ramon.

– “Hello Lesley, we just came from a meeting with Sean who showed as his interesting waste management program. Who is this boy?”, asked Andrew and Ramon. – “I’m Inkosana Encane. I’m going to Madrid to bring some presents to my father who is at the hospital”. – “Come with us to ALA, you can sleep there”, replied Andrew and Ramon.

When they arrived at the place, a group of young people welcomed him. Lesley said: -“Guys, this boy needs a rest. He has a long journey before meeting his father and giving him some presents”.

– “What are you going to give him?”, they asked. – “A blog, videos, reports, photographs, records… All I have been creating and taking care of. I’m a journalist. And the most important gift, I’ll give him courage”, replied Inkosana Encane.

– “Oh, that’s nice. I’m Colin, I give you freedom to your father”.

– “I’m Mazen, I give you determination”.

– “I’m Phillipe, I give you sensitivity”.

– “I’m Guillermo, I give you positivity”.

– “I’m Rafa, I give you respect”

– “I’m Chris, I give you passion”

– “I’m Daniel, I give you power”

– “I´m Eli, I give you hope and dreams”

To Sofía, hope you find The Little Prince in Zulu in South Africa!

To all the fathers.

And thanks to Lorna, Caroline, Kim, Sean, Jackie, Leslie, Andrew and Ramon to bring us the opportunity to be in South Africa.

By Elisabet Viñes

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