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Enke student makes her mark!

Emzingo has had the great pleasure to work with Enke, a NGO in Johannesburg, over the last year. Recently, two Emzingo Fellows worked with the founder, Pip Wheaton, and a McKinsey Consultant volunteering at Enke, Rebecca Sweetman, to explore revenue generating models that would serve to support Enke’s core mission of reducing inequality in South Africa by connecting across social divides and equipping and inspiring young people. 

Today’s shout out to Enke is to congratulate one the students was an Enke forum delegate and has made her dream a reality. 

Meghan Daniels – one of the most incredible young people I’ve ever met – started the Ilizwi Photography Club. Ilizwi (meaning “voice” in Xhosa) aims to give a voice to the youth from townships by empowering them through photography and raising social awareness in their communities through visual images. You can read more of her incredible story here.

– Drew Bonfiglio

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