Emzingo Group: welcome and update

Dear audience, 

Since I just posted Emzingo’s 100th entry to this blog, I thought it appropriate to provide an update on the organization. 

Since incorporating in February 2010, Emzingo has run 3 NexGen programs between Madrid, Spain and Johannesburg, South Africa. We have 24 alumni and are currently working with over 15 NGOs, SMMEs, and entrepreneurs in South Africa. 

The next group of Fellows -consisting of 16 MBA students, hailing from 10 countries on 5 continents – will begin their journey on Monday, May 30 in Madrid. We are excited the program has continued to grow and look forward to working with IE Business School as well as other graduate programs later this year and into 2012. 

We are also very excited to welcome our newest Emzingo team member, Daniel Pulaski. Daniel will be working on strategy, business development, and operations (among other things as anyone who has joined an entrepreneurial venture can imagine). 

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-Drew Bonfiglio


Emzingo is a Certified B-Corporation working with purpose-driven leaders, teams, and organizations in the business and academic sectors, to drive innovation, inspire responsible leadership, and connect business performance to social and environmental impact.

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