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And Spain won the World Cup!!!

 Sincerely the World Cup was not at all what brought me to join the Emzingo program in South Africa. Yes, we would be here during the Cup but I didn´t thought too much about it. But once here the World Cup fever affected us all. Everywhere you looked, everywhere you went. There was no escape…

We went to our first game, Spain – Paraguay. The sound of the vuvuzelas, so anoying when you watch a game on TV, makes you get goose pimples. Spain was in the semifinals. Historic… Spain gets to the final leaving behind the german machine… Amazing… And we were here, in Joburg. A coincidence? Destiny? Who cares but we had to go to the stadium. We had to be part of this historic moment…

11 of july 2010. A date I´ll never forget. More than 80,000 people gathered at Soccer city Stadium… All of a sudden, after Shakira´s waka waka and a beautiful closing ceremony no one expected anything but the beginning of the game but suddenly Mandela appeared… I could hardly see him but the simple fact of knowing that he was so close to me made me cry, literally. I felt special and knew that this was the closest I would ever been to this man.

You all know the rest of the story… But I was there! And you know what? I cried again when the referee wistled the end of the game, the end of the World Cup. Spain was the winner, the best of the World!!!

By Sofia Benjumea

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