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A transformative internship program for purpose-driven undergraduate students that combines social impact projects with responsible leadership training. 

The Global Impact Internship is a 6-week program for undergraduate students that aims to develop the next generation of responsible and inclusive leaders. Offered over Fall, Winter, and Spring terms, students consult directly for a social enterprise or NGO, immerse themselves virtually in a new country and culture, and receive valuable leadership training. Students from universities all around the globe work together in virtual teams of 3-to-4 members on their social impact project while developing key soft and hard skills responsible leadership skills. Supported by group coaching, project mentoring, and deep reflection, students will learn by doing, learn by thinking, and learn by reflecting on both a personal and a professional level. When travel is allowed, students can also opt to join a 7-10 day Impact Learning Trek to visit their field partner, discover the social impact ecosystem, and present their projects in person.

Level: Undergraduate Students 
Duration: 5 to 6 Weeks

Virtual Location Options: Peru or South Africa 


Social Impact Project

Group social impact project work with international NGO or social enterprise

Leadership Development

Develop students’ responsible leadership skills and knowledge

Cultural Immersion

Exposes students to cross-cultural awareness and Intelligence




Group Coaching

Fellows attend group coaching workshops with locally sourced professional executive-level coaches and/or Emzingo|U staff. These coaching sessions help the fellows develop an action plan to determine their post-graduation career goals and aspirations.

Shadow on Concrete Wall



Project teams are partnered with a mentor from a leading for-profit enterprise or management consulting firm. The mentors help guide the design and development of key deliverables and provide fellows with an introduction to consulting frameworks and access to local knowledge and experience.




Students engage in multiple reflection sessions to deepen their experiences and key lessons learned during the fellowship. Each participant is provided with a notebook and encouraged to journal their daily experiences.

Tropical Leaves


Academic sessions

Starting with an orientation week, designed by Emzingo|U to provide them with new tools and frameworks and a better knowledge of their environment, fellows will also attend workshops and seminars during the duration of the program. Some examples of these sessions include design thinking and social innovation workshops, responsible leadership, impact investing, or cultural intelligence. They will also engage in country-specific sessions to help them understand the social, cultural, historical and economic realities of their host countries.

Red Wall & Stairs


Social impact projects and internships

Students are placed in teams of 2-3 to assist an NGO or social enterprise in a strategic challenge for 8 weeks. The internships consist of completing high-level strategy, research, or implementation projects to help the organizations achieve their objectives.

Square Stage


Price of Program

The Global Impact Internship is $1350 per student for the 6 weeks duration of the program. Emzingo|U offers a small scholarship to students who are not sponsored by their universities.




hours of project work in teams of 4-5 students

hours of curriculum on leadership development

hours of virtual activities and cultural immersion


hours of group mentorship and reflection

Emzingo is a Certified B-Corporation working with purpose-driven leaders, teams, and organizations in the business and academic sectors, to drive innovation, inspire responsible leadership, and connect business performance to social and environmental impact.

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